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Capturing the essence of an afternoon outing is a tricky endeavor. Particularly if that outing is a hike where roots, rocks and other obstacles underfoot must be carefully navigated. I find that a balance must be struck between looking down at the trail to carefully place each step, looking up ahead at where I’m headed, and looking all around to take in as much of the surroundings as possible.

A couple weeks back my “family” (Me, the hubs and our two four-legged kids, Denali and King) set out to hike the local trails at Bear Creek and do just that…

…Take it all in: Bear Creek, the beautiful day, nature, each other, the sights, sounds, smells…to revel in the anticipation/the future, the here and now of each moment/the present, and the delights of each memory of pleasant moments gone by/the past.

Evan drove.

While the dogs and I sat back, relaxed and watched the world go by.

Well, I sat back. Really the dogs sat forward with their wet noses stuck out the window, tongues flapping in the wind and fur waving in the breeze.

Here’s some of that anticipation I spoke about…because isn’t that half of it, the excitement of fun times ahead?

We’re here!

And we’re off.

Much to my husband’s dismay, I snapped a shot of Denali doing his thang! It is just too cute to resist. He marks “his” foliage with such purpose!


And more hydration!

I managed to fall behind quite a few times to take in some of the small treasures on the side of the trail. As small and insignificant as it may be, the sun striking this fern had to have been one of my favorite things that I encountered. I think my joy in experiencing it with such appreciation and gratitude truly shows through my lens here in this image.

Perhaps the essence of this moment was captured best because I was more fully invested in it compared to all the other snapped moments.

Although the hike itself was absolutely wonderful in it’s own right, there is something to be said for coming to the end of the trail and breathing in the satisfaction of completion and accomplishment…taking in the “feel-good” endorphins, and reveling in the welcomed fatigue that comes with any endeavor that delightfully taxes your mind, body, and spirit.

Case in point:


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